January 12, 2010

Lesbian Sex Toys

It’s true that your sex life can become monotonous and boring if you keep doing the same thing over and over. The good news is that there are a lot of resources to help you expand your sexual repertoire. Even lesbian sex life in not an exception when it comes to routines. Here comes the role of lesbian sex toys, which could be helpful spicing up your relationship and makes thing work better than ever. Lesbian sex encompasses many sexual activities, including oral sex, dry humping (frottage), vaginal or anal intercourse, mutual masturbation, and fisting.

Many lesbians have discovered the pleasures of strap-on sex. Strap ons are dildos designed to be worn in a harness, so that you can fuck your partner without having to hold the dildo in place. Strap-on dildosare characterized by a flared base, which secures the dildo in the harness and prevents it from popping through during rigorous sexual play! Harnesses come in array of styles and are fully adjustable, so you can get a secure fit, regardless of your body type.

Dildos, many made of premium silicone, are available in styles and colors to suit any desire, so whether you’re craving a curved toy for G-spot play or a graduated toy for anal play, you can rig up a strap-on dildo that’ll get the job done.

While anal beads will give the perfect anal penetration, anal probes can come handy to start a sex encounter.

Here are also some things to avoid if you want to keep your sex life alive and vibrant:

1. Get too clingy

Togetherness is good, but one pattern lesbian couples often fall into is spending too much time together. There’s an old saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder!” Take time away from each other and develop your own interests. Give her reasons to continually find you stimulating.

2. Get too distant.

While some time away is good, don’t go overboard and get too distant. Be sure to make time for each other at least once a week. Plan date nights. Beware of falling into the routine of coming home, turning on the TV or computer and zoning out from each other.

3. Stop Having Sex

Okay, this might sound obvious, but if you don’t ever have sex, you’re not going to have a sex life. Make sex dates. Say yes to sex, even if you’re tired, have a headache or don’t feel in the mood from time to time. You might surprise yourself at how quickly you get in the mood or how the pleasure of that orgasm suddenly makes your headache go away!

4. Let body image issues get in the way

You may have put on a few pounds, grown a few grey hairs, added some wrinkles and aren’t feeling as sexy as you once did when you were younger. People can and do have healthy sex lives no matter their size, age or physical ability.

5. Predictable routine.

Routines are good for some thing, like getting your children ready for school and synchronized swimming, but in the bedroom a routine can make your sex life boring. Don’t’ be afraid to try new positions, new activities, new toys, new dirty talk, erotica or fantasies.

6. Contract a disease.

Although lesbians are at risk for sexually transmitted diseases like herpes, HPV and HIV, there seems to be less attention paid by lesbians to safer sex than in the gay male and heterosexual communities. A STD can not only kill your sex life, it can kill you. Protect yourself!

like many women:

  • Some lesbians have unsafe sex with men
  • Some lesbians inject drugs and share needles
  • Some lesbian sexual practices are risky.
  • Lesbians wanting to get pregnant face decisions about semen donors
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