January 20, 2010

Enjoying G-spot Stimulation

By Elizabeth Black

So you have heard about the G-spot and you want to find yours? Where to begin? Can you be sure to even have one? The G-spot is that little spongy knot of joy two inches inside your vagina, on the vaginal wall. Some women say they ejaculate when their partners play with their G-spots. They spurt like fountains, all over the bed linens and all over their partners. The G-spot was discovered in 1950 by German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg. Gräfenberg published a paper in which he named the area the G-spot, after his last name. His findings were immediately questioned by gynecologists, and to this day there is much debate about its existence. Additional research on the G-spot has been taken since 1981, but there is still much argument over its existence, its nature, and its location. The G-spot is not actually a spot within the vagina. The urethral sponge contains erectile tissue and sensitive nerve endings that react to manual stimulation, and it is thought by many to be the fabled G-spot. Finding your G-spot is very easy. First, insert a curved finger (or two) inside your vagina and curve your fingers towards your belly. Move them in a “come hither” motion. Note the pressure, especially if it feels more intense in one area than in others. If your fingers are too short to locate your G-spot, or if you simply can’t find it, use a G-spot sex toy which is designed to home in on your G-spot immediately. With your fingers, as you become more turned on, you’ll notice a different texture on your G-spot than on other areas of your vaginal wall. You’ll also feel intense and pleasurable sensations as you press against that spot. Note the difference in texture of that spot – the G-spot may feel somewhat bumpy and not as smooth as other areas of your vagina. As you massage, you’ll feel a strong urge to urinate. Don’t stop! That urge means you’re on the right track. You’ll get so aroused you’ll start singing Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries”.

G-spot vibrator

If you’d prefer to find your G-spot with a vibrator, you have the pick of many curved vibrators that are designed to find that little bundle of bliss. Erotic Diva carries many varieties of G-spot vibrators and you’re bound to find one or more that appeal to you. To use a G-spot vibrator, first apply a little lube to the tip to ensure easy entry. Set the vibrations to a comfortable speed and intensity, and insert the vibe with the curved tip facing your belly. Once inside, the vibrator will home in on your G-spot immediately, and you will soon feel intense excitement as the vibrator stimulates your G-spot. As the vibrator does all the work while you lie back and enjoy the arousal, you will soon feel an urge to urinate. Don’t give in to this urge. Continue stimulating your G-spot with the vibrator because that sensation means you are aroused and about to have a G-spot orgasm. G-spot vibrators may be used alone or share one with your partner. Ideal as foreplay sex toys, G-spot vibrators will get you aroused quickly and you will enjoy every quaking moment of stimulation. Plus your partner will love seeing you so turned on. All of Erotic Diva’s G-spot vibrators are made from pliable, soft, premium grade materials like rubber, silicone, and jelly. And the prices can’t be beat!

Some women ejaculate when they come with G-spot manipulation. While some have a little shower – the average ejaculate is about a teaspoon – others drown their sheets and even their partners in fluid. Not all women can ejaculate but those that do often spurt a fountain of fluid as they come. Keep stimulating your G-spot until you feel your vaginal muscles tighten intensely, which is the sign that you are about to climax. Whatever you do – don’t stop moving your vibrator! Many women who ejaculate do so after several orgasms and they ejaculate after extreme arousal and direct G-spot manipulation and clit stimulation for a very long period of time, say having multiple orgasms for fifteen minutes and about a half hour’s worth of intense G-spot and clit massage. If you are one of the women who can ejaculate, make your chances for spurting fluid even more probable by regularly exercising your pelvic floor muscles, since women with very strong PC muscles are more likely to ejaculate.

So are you sold on enjoying your G-spot? You can find many G-spot sex toys here at Erotic Diva and while you’re at it, try out our beads and bullets category for ben wa balls so that you may strengthen your pelvic floor.

Strong PC muscles lead to more intense G-spot orgasms – and possibly ejaculation! What’s not to love?

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