March 24, 2011

Beads, Bullets and Balls

Sex toys have more diversity today than they used to. No longer the days of simple dildos and vibrators, there are more sex toys produced today for specialized uses. The roles these sex toys play in sexual role plays and orgasms are important and these make them perfect for use either for masturbation or during sex acts. Sex toys can be used solely or to complement lovemaking.

Beads, bullets and balls
are sex toys and toy accessories used for vaginal, clitoral and anal stimulation. They work on the simple basis that the application and release of gentle, repeated pressure on excitable genital parts can lead to arousal and attainment of sexual pleasure.

Bullet vibrators are small bullet-shaped vibrators which can be used alone or attached to other sex toys. Therefore, bullet vibrators can provide direct stimulation of the soft tissues of erotic parts or increase the stimulation achieved from another sex toy when inserted into that.

Anal beads
, on the other hand, are small balls or bumps attached to a string or wand. The wands of anal beads are semi-rigid, so that they can be hard enough to penetrate the anus while not too hard as to bruise the soft tissues during entrance and withdrawal. Balls are hollow metal balls designed to be inserted into the vagina. These can be kept there for awhile and can arouse and enhance orgasms by their internal rolling. An example of these is Ben Wa balls.

Balls are either made singly or multiply. These orgasm balls are inserted into the vaginal. Some of the balls can vibrate and some are attached to a string with which they can be pushed in and pulled out. When left in, the vibratory or rhythmic movements of these balls rub on the clitoris and other parts of the female genitalia. This set off arousal which can be moderated and drawn out towards prolong orgasms.

 Anal beads, on the other hand, are used by insertion into the anus. Unlike balls, they are much more likely to be used in sexual games than self masturbation since careful insertion and use requires dexterity from behind. Therefore, a partner will insert the beads into the anus by the wand and gently work the beaded wand in and out of the anus. The points of exit and entry of the beads on the wand can elicit pockets of desirable pleasure. Anal beads can be used for and by both men and women.


Bullet vibrators are a new twist on the old vibrator favorite. They also work by insertion whether solely or attached to a sex toy. By their shapes, they mimic the penis but with more rounded ends, they can be more exploratory. Their small size and head makes it possible to work them around the female inner genitalia to discover erotic points, excite them and moderate orgasms. Since they also vibrate, bullets can provide a very close approximation of penile penetration and thrust.

Generally, bullets, balls and beads are safe to use. They are made of materials that are considered safe for contact with human soft tissues. These include medical grade silicone and plastics.
 The surfaces of these sex toys are made smooth and at the point of shipment, they are aseptic. When properly used, bullets, balls and beads can do no harm. Care must, however, be taken to buy them from reputable sellers.

Bullets, balls and beads are available from local adult stores as well as online stores catering to adult sex toys. Clearly, online adult stores provide better convenience and privacy for shoppers. Other advantages of buying your sex toys from online adult stores include finding better deals, wider product ranges, discovering even new toys and making informed purchases with the help of feedbacks left by actual owners and fellow shoppers.

Adult online stores can be ones dedicated to a niche of sex toys, ones dedicated to a brand’s products or a general adult online store carrying different types of sex toys and from many manufacturers. The one to choose will depend on the immediate need. However, there are certain things to look out for when you arrive at such online stores. Before submitting personal details or your credit card info, check for signs of an assurance of secure transaction and protection of your information. An adult online store with a customer care phone number to call and a physical address to visit is the best one to shop at.
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March 09, 2011

Cock Ring And Sleeves

Sex has been a part of human life ever since it started. It is a natural setting that a man is attracted to a woman and a woman is attracted to a man. Although same sex attraction is also quite possible, it has always been less common.


For all kinds of people though, sex is an important issue. Since sex is a natural feeling that has been designed to get activated and deactivated within a human body, every person feels it and has the passion to enjoy it as best as possible.
Thus, for all the loving couples, inventors have created many ways to enhance as well as elongate the times spent in bed and make them more exciting every time. Sex toys are commonly used for the purpose and their success in being able to do so, have made them more popular than ever before.
They have been in use since many centuries now but early 1800s introduced a negative image of them when sex toys begun to be used extensively by porn stars in very unethical manners.


People are however now becoming aware of their usefulness and advantages and have once again, moved back to using sex toys. One of the most commonly used type of sex toys nowadays are the cock rings and sleeves. As the name suggests, these toys are meant for men and worn over the penis. They have many advantages and are truly exciting to use, not just for the man but also for the woman.

Due to the difference in male and female genital biology, women take more time to discharge than men. Hence, it is a psyche of every woman that she longs for the sex to last as long as possible.

Also, since women need a lot of intimacy due to their natural mindset and sex brings much intimacy to a relationship, women like to spend longer hours in bed as compared to men. On the other hand, men also like to have sex for very long times but no matter how much they want it, they cannot achieve it because men often end up discharging earlier. Once through with it, men are usually not able to give all the pleasure that women wants as the cock softens and the feeling of sex within the man vanishes.

In order to overcome all these problems and have the best of times in bed with their partners, men can use cock rings and sleeves. These are either simple ring that are fitted to the end of the cock right ahead the scrotum or sleeves that are more or less the shape of the penis and can easily fit on it as a jacket. Cock sleeves are flexible enough to fit various sizes and thicknesses of cocks. The rings and sleeves can be simple or vibratory.
 The simpler cock rings, once fitted at the cock, make the erection harder and create for a blood flow that the ticklish feeling keeps the man excited for longer.

The vibratory cock rings on the other hand can vibrate and hence, not just aide the erection to last longer but also greatly help in keeping that exciting feeling in the penis in order to make the times in bed, longer and more fun filled. Cock rings, although usually worn around the penis at the base, can also be worn around both the penis and the scrotum or only scrotum. Cock sleeves are also recognized with the names such as dick sleeves and penis sleeves.

They come in various sizes and levels of elasticity and can be worn over the penis to cover it fully.
Once worn, cock sleeves not only encourage erection for longer period of time but also elongate the size of the penis. Some very good cock sleeves claim to increase the size of the erection to as much as 2 munches more than usual, which is appreciable.

As a whole, cock rings and sleeves are an excellent way to make sex aesthetically and intelligently more fun filled and hence, have long and fun filled times in bed. The best thing about cock sleeves is that they come in materials that feel just as the real thing once fitted inside the vagina.

We all know that millions of relationships around the world get spoiled and mostly because of sex. Sex is fun, so much so that it compels many people to cheat even if they don’t want to and destroys an intimate relationship. Hence it is good to make sexual relations so much fun that neither of the partners think about anyone else and stick to each other forever. For a successful love life, making use of sex toys like cock rings and sleeves can be immensely helpful.

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March 04, 2011

Sexy Lingerie

With lingerie, the name of the game is desire. Women love to be desired and men love nothing more than desirable women. Ever since they were introduced, lingerie items have shaped the way women perceived themselves and the way men see them. Once conservative and a piece of clothing manufactured out of necessity for the growing population of working women, today, lingerie items need to be sexy. The special outlook of a sexy woman immediately differentiates her in a crowd and lingerie are guaranteed to make you sexy.
Looking sexy and hot almost always precedes feeling sexy and desirable.

Whether you are a married woman or a single lady, there is nothing to beat lingerie to further your appeal to the opposite sex. The way it works is this: first you get the perfect lingerie item and when you wear it, you look great. The perfect lingerie for you will fit well, underline your strengths, highlight your appeal and complement your body.
 There is no way these will not help you feel super and uninhibited. Knowing you look hot is a great boost to your confidence and men can see it when you exude assurance, when you look sexy and know it.

The potent combination of looking and feeling sexy can be a wonderful thing to your relationship. Throw in a set of sexy lingerie into your evening or bed wear and watch as your man lights up. As humans, it is easy to become regular and boring;
will add the needed pizzazz to your love life. Often more than how shapely you think you look, men respond more to how shapely you come off and how confident you are about your body. If you wear the perfect lingerie, you can tip the balance of sexual appeal in your favor. Instead of bemoaning your figure, just shop for the best lingerie to make yourself more desired.

Sexy lingerie comes in different sizes and styles. You need to find ones that are made for your size. Sometimes, you need to do more in hunting for the perfect lingerie item. It is important, where applicable; to try on all sexy lingerie you intend to buy.
 Seeing how the item comes off you and if you are comfortable wearing it are essential. There is no point buying items you will be ashamed to wear later. Therefore, choose the sexiest lingerie that you can comfortably wear.

Lingerie are not only about bras and panties. Extend your allure with other types and styles of sexy lingerie. Everything from negligee to bikini, from corsets to camisoles, from G-string to unitard fall under lingerie. Lingerie items are not only underwear; certain outerwear qualifies as lingerie.
 For example, sexy clothing worn as evening wear or to beaches are also lingerie. Many women start from the most conservative lingerie item and work their ways up to the truly hot and sexy types and styles. The broad range of lingerie makes it possible to do this and assures that you will never run out of lingerie to shock and awe your man.

Lingerie items have two components: the more popular is the sex appeal and the other one is hygiene. Both are desirable to men.
Therefore, sexy lingerie improves your sexual relationship in a two-fold manner. Men are attracted to sexy women and want sex to be clean. Lingerie items assures sexiness by design and by appearance show cleanliness in one glance. It is a merit for lingerie items knowing that what you see is what is there. The images promoted are of women who are healthy and nubile, who are hot and spry, who are sexy and fit.

Sex appeal is the primary function of lingerie.
This is why women who wear them are immediately regarded as sexual appealing. There are a few things that signifies caring to satisfy your lover than wearing a new lingerie item. It could be on a special occasion or not. Lingerie thrive on the surprise and desire they inspire. With them, you can find new depths for your relationship and improve sexual satisfaction and intimacy. Who introduces lingerie to the relationship does not necessarily have to be solely the woman. Men can gift lingerie items to their lovers and perhaps, when yours does, that should be the first pointer to his need for a sexy you.

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February 28, 2011

Cock Ring and Sleeves Sex Toys


Sex toys are one of the most pleasurable and hence, beloved inventions of mankind. Since many centuries, they have been used widely by people for sexual pleasures and gaming. Even amongst couples, their use has been extremely popular. Sex toys not only help a great deal in enhancing times in bed or the times when one is lonely and really needs to enjoy all that fun and pleasure but also enable people to fight back fears, enhancing the sexual relationships and hence lives of couples and also keeping sexual life from going too monotonous.
Records as old as those of 17th century have been found that confirm the usage of various kinds of sex toys for various reasons. There used to be sex dolls, also known now as love dolls that were used by French and Spanish sailors when they were left alone and had a long journey to cover on sea. Also in the 18th century, the use of large cock-like dildos was in by doctors to treat sexual problems of women. Today, men are widely using cock ring and sleeves sex toys due to their exceptional capabilities to make fun times more fun than ever before whether one is alone of with a mate.
 Popular amongst both men and women, sex toys are a useful object that can be a person’s best friend if used wisely and for a good cause. Many people have not been able to recognize the importance of these toys due to their wild or bad impression.

Since over the centuries, these toys have been greatly under use. Looking back into their history, one gets to know that they originated out of a very innovative and intellectual thinking and brainchild of some wise men and not for wild and crazy pornography.
 Immensely popular in hospitals for treating problems related to sexual desires or organs, sex toys were also widely famed for providing the much needed comfort and satisfaction to people who had to spend some fun times without their loved ones. Unfortunately, later in the 19th century or early 20th century, wide scale use of sex toys in porn movies and their wild usage made them greatly unpopular amongst the masses. This however did not stop and since people were greatly enjoying such porn and interested in buying it, the porn industry was earning high revenues and the use of sex toys remained a trend. Gradually, sex toys became infamous to an extent that future generations were not only discouraged from using them but even those people who were already using them, stopped tier usage. Today, increasing awareness about the usage of sex toys and introduction of their wide variety in the market has once again, increased their usage. One of the most popular activities amongst men, who do not have a real body and soul, is to use cock ring and sleeves sex toys. Cock rings are simple rings and are also known as penis rings or erection rings.
 They are worn either over the penis or the scrotum and are designed to stop the circulation of blood in a direction out of the cock. This keeps the size of the erection at its largest and also the erection to last longer. With such an erection, of course, the time passed having sex is full of ticklish feelings and hence makes up for an amazing time. Used alone or with a partner, cock rings add a taste and excitement to fun times that remain memorable. These rings can be found made up f various materials such as rubber, steel, leather and even silicone. For both the man and the woman, nothing could be more desirable while having sex, than a fully erect cock and that too, the one that remains erect for longer times. Sleeves on the other hand, have a completely different design element and function.
They are made up of a material which feels like cyber skin and is very soft. This makes the man feel vagina touching the cock. Sleeves are also known as male masturbators, penis sleeves, masturbation sleeves and male sleeves. Sleeves vary in function as well. Some are simple that can be used just as pockets for the cock and hence a clean way to drop the sperm and others are either vibrators or strokers that give the sucking or orgasm feeling to the penis. These cock ring and sleeves together sex toys, work wonder in bed.

Most people prefer using either of the two toys and hence one sex toy at a time. As a recommendation for the perfectly ticklish and erect cocks and thus a desirably dreamy time, the use of cock ring and sleeve sex toys must be tried together.

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February 09, 2011

Lesbian Sex Toys

It is often interpreted that lesbian sex is a sensual practice with not many variations, which is a common misconception because the number of inventive methods available to spice up your intercourse with your female partner are quite pleasing.
Having a good old fashion “creative mind” can help you find interestingly imaginative ways to incorporate adult sex toys specially designed for lesbian women into your love making so you can enjoy all the pleasures of life to the most satisfying magnitude possible. Browsing through different varieties of lesbian sex toys can be quite a nuisance, so here’s my quick guide to Lesbian Sex Toys to help you through the selection and usage processes of the different products out there.

  •  The Nipple clamp

The nipple clamp is a sexual device, designed to stimulate a woman’s ….well you’ve guessed it nipples! It works by exerting various amounts of pressure on the breast when it is clipped on to it. It is shaped like a pair of tongs which grabs on to the nipples which stimulates pleasure impulses present in the breasts, resulting in joyful sex. During sex, it is hard to have the nipples stimulated throughout the intercourse because the hands of your partner might be busy elsewhere so that sensation of her holding onto your breasts prevails throughout.

  • Clitoral Stimulators

    Clitoral stimulators
    are sex toys designed to Support the clitoris into pleasure by targeting a specific area present in the vagina which has a concentrated amount of pleasure impulses present. These Lesbian sex toys are one of the most popular due to the magnitude of pleasure they provide.

  • Anal Toys

    Vaginal stimulation is only half the story! Lesbian sex can be made more exciting if you try to explore unknown horizons in the wonderful practice. Anal toys are your key to discovering that unknown space. Here is a brief intro of all the anal toys out there.

    - Anal Beads

    These are usually balls connected in a chain like series and most commonly made of plastic, rubber or latex material to accommodate the elasticity of the rectum. They are inserted into the anus and then are pulled out for anal stimulation. They can be considered a beginner’s anal toy so with the passage of time you can learn to control your sphincter muscle and enjoy sex as would’ve never imagined.

  • Anal Probes

    Known to be a step above anal beads, they can be considered small sized vibrators, redesigned to accommodate the stimulation of the rectum. They are inserted into a person’s anus after applying some precautionary lubricant to ease down the pain. The user penetrates her anus with the probe and switches on the vibration and for further excitement, the probe can be pulled in and out to simulate anal sex.
  •  Strap on or Harness dildos

    In my opinion, this is the most effective tool used in lesbian sex as it provides the maximum sensation of an orgasm possible in an intercourse. This device is strapped around the waist and is fitted with a dildo so you can penetrate your female partner so she can feel the sense of luxuria equivalent to any other sexual intercourse. These harnesses are available in different sizes to cater to women of all shapes and the best part of all about this adult sex toy is that they can be fitted with different sized dildos so you never get tired of it.
  • When making a purchase of any of these items, the key factor that jogs through people’s minds is the matter of privacy and after all why shouldn’t it be!

    The best possible solution to that nuisance of a situation is buying Lesbian Adult Sex Toys online from a trusted website such as, your one stop shop to all your adult sex toy needs, with a secure payment method and a wide range of products to choose from.

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