January 04, 2010

Did Someone Say Sexy Card Games?

Sexy card games are some of the easiest to play, because all you need is a deck of cards and some special rules!

If you are already a card player, or were when you were a kid, then all you have to do is take those games that you are familiar with, add some new sexy rules, favors, penalties, etc, and Voila! You have an original sexy card game.

Rummy, Crazy Eights, Skip Bo!, Poker and Whist are just some of the games that you can re-create.

Creating your own sexy card games is fun and will give you a sense of accomplishment. Imagine playing a fun and sexy game - that you created yourself!

Even better, get your partner to help you make up the rules. Create it together, then play it together.

Sexy favors and treats can be whatever you want them to be for your sexy card games. What do you want your partner to do to you? What do you want to do to them? What do you want to do WITH them?

Even the penalties can be fun. You can play strip games, where the loser has to remove an item of clothing. Or perhaps you want them to have to do something to or for the winner. Why not incorporate a set of sex dice, and the winner gets to roll them to find out what the loser gets to do to them!

Here are some sexy card games based on some common games for you, if you don't feel like creating your own or if you want to get ideas for your own:

Sexy Eights:

Based on the game, Crazy Eights - but you get sexy favors when you are able to play an 8 instead!

Sexy Gin Rummy:

Basically the same as Gin Rummy, but with the opportunity to win a sexy favor at the end of each round, and a bigger fantasy at the end of the game!

Whist Me a Wish:

Based on German Whist, this game combines the element of winning tricks with the chance of a draw at the end of the game. The more sexy wishes you have in the pool, the better your chances of drawing one of the ones you want...

Dirty-Talking Spades:

Based on Two Handed Spades or Honeymoon Spades, this is another game that involves taking tricks - and talking dirty! While no sexy treat is involved for the winner, just see if you can finish this game without a sexy romp!

Kissing Royals:

Based on "Slap Jack", this game is a good foreplay game with lots of fun kissing.


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