February 09, 2011

Lesbian Sex Toys

It is often interpreted that lesbian sex is a sensual practice with not many variations, which is a common misconception because the number of inventive methods available to spice up your intercourse with your female partner are quite pleasing.
Having a good old fashion “creative mind” can help you find interestingly imaginative ways to incorporate adult sex toys specially designed for lesbian women into your love making so you can enjoy all the pleasures of life to the most satisfying magnitude possible. Browsing through different varieties of lesbian sex toys can be quite a nuisance, so here’s my quick guide to Lesbian Sex Toys to help you through the selection and usage processes of the different products out there.

  •  The Nipple clamp

The nipple clamp is a sexual device, designed to stimulate a woman’s ….well you’ve guessed it nipples! It works by exerting various amounts of pressure on the breast when it is clipped on to it. It is shaped like a pair of tongs which grabs on to the nipples which stimulates pleasure impulses present in the breasts, resulting in joyful sex. During sex, it is hard to have the nipples stimulated throughout the intercourse because the hands of your partner might be busy elsewhere so that sensation of her holding onto your breasts prevails throughout.

  • Clitoral Stimulators

    Clitoral stimulators
    are sex toys designed to Support the clitoris into pleasure by targeting a specific area present in the vagina which has a concentrated amount of pleasure impulses present. These Lesbian sex toys are one of the most popular due to the magnitude of pleasure they provide.

  • Anal Toys

    Vaginal stimulation is only half the story! Lesbian sex can be made more exciting if you try to explore unknown horizons in the wonderful practice. Anal toys are your key to discovering that unknown space. Here is a brief intro of all the anal toys out there.

    - Anal Beads

    These are usually balls connected in a chain like series and most commonly made of plastic, rubber or latex material to accommodate the elasticity of the rectum. They are inserted into the anus and then are pulled out for anal stimulation. They can be considered a beginner’s anal toy so with the passage of time you can learn to control your sphincter muscle and enjoy sex as would’ve never imagined.

  • Anal Probes

    Known to be a step above anal beads, they can be considered small sized vibrators, redesigned to accommodate the stimulation of the rectum. They are inserted into a person’s anus after applying some precautionary lubricant to ease down the pain. The user penetrates her anus with the probe and switches on the vibration and for further excitement, the probe can be pulled in and out to simulate anal sex.
  •  Strap on or Harness dildos

    In my opinion, this is the most effective tool used in lesbian sex as it provides the maximum sensation of an orgasm possible in an intercourse. This device is strapped around the waist and is fitted with a dildo so you can penetrate your female partner so she can feel the sense of luxuria equivalent to any other sexual intercourse. These harnesses are available in different sizes to cater to women of all shapes and the best part of all about this adult sex toy is that they can be fitted with different sized dildos so you never get tired of it.
  • When making a purchase of any of these items, the key factor that jogs through people’s minds is the matter of privacy and after all why shouldn’t it be!

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