July 09, 2010

Why Sex Is Important To Men?

I know, I know some will say what a ridiculous statement, of course, is important for men, but why? Some say they think their 11 p.m. each day, seven days a week. Even in the most famous psychologist, Freud agreed that the main objective of the men to have sex when needed.

To them it means power and success. For most of the money, power and success is meaningless if you can not get it. Some deny it and say “no, that’s not all. This is not my end all and be all the motivation” if you’re one of those men of the village, good for you, believe me they are a minority.

The test is flourishing sex trade never, right? It is the oldest profession in history and advances as the years pass. They say that the weakness of men are women, but I say that its weakness is that women can offer and that is sex. Do not get me wrong, I’m not saying that men are shallow creatures.

On the contrary, I think that creates a balance in the universe. Sex is important for men because of many reasons. It also feels great. It has to do with the inculcation of age must spread their seeds and genes, as they can for the survival of the species.

In the old days have multiple wives. In fact, even today in some countries, concubines and lovers is an acceptable practice to multiply the human gene. In this case, sex is important for the survival of the species. Personally, I do not feel comfortable with this idea at all.

It makes people no less than the bears and dogs, if you know what I mean. Another reason why sex is important for men is because of their biological constitution. They have more testosterone than women. Testosterone is responsible for sexual desire of a person, the more testosterone a person more sexually driven.

Therefore, an innate need for it. Another point why sex is important for men because it is the only way for them to communicate their feelings. deprive them and deny their feelings and being. Sex is for men and women are listening.

If you are a woman and her husband can not hear you, what are you doing? You call your girlfriend or you want to listen to you, right? For men, depriving them of sex and look elsewhere. This is not just a biological need for them.

It is also an emotional need, is one of the main ways you can make him feel that he belongs. Sex is important because it is the only way they can get their “power.” If you are a woman and have been married for a while, change your perspective on this, if you want your husband to feel comfortable and accepted and become productive citizens at work, not private.

Contact him by his language, he is very familiar. When love is, more buttons and use hugs and kisses, kiss. In your love to make you feel that it is accepted and loved and cared for. Get close and please listen to it when you love, because if you hear inside the room, you hear outside the bedroom.


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