May 27, 2010

Vibrators; Care and Cleaning

Are you enthusiastic about buying a new and exciting sex toy for your bedroom? For instance, you decided to purchase a new jelly vibrator for G-spot stimulation and already set your mood on having fun with this nice sex toy! What else can you ask for? Of course, sex toys are not a helpless baby, but your jelly vibrator does require some care and with the good treatment it can serve you for quite a long time.


Before you purchase your vibrator

Basically, vibrator's lifespan is not limitless. Surely the quality of your sex toy will suggest you some ideas on the time you can expect from your vibrator to work in full. In short, your vibrator is likely to function at least several months, but various factors may influence the lifespan of your favorite  vibrator to a greater extent.
First of all, sex toys are supposed to go with a quality guarantee that is a big advantage and gives you some evidence of good quality and you know that for the time being you are sure of your sex toy's work.

Motors and batteries

What a dildo is basically different from a vibrator? It's an electronic device, right you are. And it's either electric vibrator or battery-operated. And as any device of such kind it won't work endlessly. So don't expect your favorite jelly vibrator operate for more than an hour on a high level speed because it won't be any good for your sex toy. Of course it's unlikely that you'll run your jelly vibrator for an hour or so and won't get "enough" of satisfaction? Unless you want to experiment on "how long it can work", we wouldn't recommend doing this for sheer fun. The best policy here is to make pauses in between the running your sex toy.

As for batteries, they give you considerable freedom in what is called "having your  vibrator handy without looking for the nearest outlet". But unlike electric vibrator, battery-operated one requires some other demands. Fresh batteries are a good idea if you don't want to be caught in the middle of getting the most powerful orgasm.


Lubricant is an essential part of using sex toys:vibrators, dildos, anal toys and any other types simply because it makes stimulation easier, more comfortable and enjoyable. Make your choice in favor of water-based lubricant - it can go with all types of sex toys !

Using a Condom

Some users  find it easier to use condom during session with a vibrator, but while this of course give you some extra protection it  saves you the trouble of caring about your vibrator. Cleaning your vibrator in its usual way is simple and safe.
Sharing sex toys should be avoided by all means.

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