March 16, 2010

Oral sex for women

There is no secret - women like oral sex a lot. Oral sex for women is something that can make a woman go crazy of pleasure and satisfaction. Due to some anatomic reasons tongue and mouth touching women’s genitals gives incredible feeling for her, but there are some things that partner (men) should know and pay attention to. Oral sex for women is delicate skill, which requires patience, practice and understanding how to do it right.

During cunnilingus man should never rush – that doesn’t give any positive feelings for woman. Many women find it exciting when man is teasing her with tongue – slowly and quietly. Then a pleasure comes step by step giving amazing feeling for her. There are a big percentage of women who achieve orgasm from oral sex, but not all – so people do oral sex in two different ways:

1. First is for women who do not achieve orgasm from oral sex. When a woman belongs to this category – oral sex is a good way to warm her up, before having regular sex. There are many couples when man achieves orgasm quickly and woman needs more time, then oral sex may help to solve a problem of orgasm time between partners.

2. Second type of women, are those, who easily achieve orgasm from oral sex. This is an exciting way to make love with partner and diverse sexual life. Besides, it is safer – women will never become pregnant from only oral sex. However, it is not very easy doing oral sex to help woman achieve orgasm – a man has to know what his woman like, and which parts are the most sensitive for her. Some people are saying that oral sex for both man and woman is a fine art of sex.

Everyone must find how they like things done to them, and this is a very personal thing. Every woman is different and oral sex will need to be different for them. Some woman may like additional stimulation during oral sex such as one or two fingers into her vagina, stimulate the zone at the roof of her vagina, touch breasts.

Some people are still afraid of trying oral sex because of natural smell of vagina, so there is one simple way to avoid it – make sure you go to a shower and wash yourself before having sex (both men and women should do that).

Moreover some ladies, mostly those who never tried oral sex, are afraid that man may not like how she looks “there” or natural smell of that place. Due to this reason, she may not let a man to do oral sex to her. That is a personal thing of every couple and it can be changed after sincere talking about it – if a man is smart enough he will let her feel how much he wants to taste her “there” and give her incredible pleasure.

As I mentioned before every single women will be different, and before giving her satisfaction doing oral sex, man should be ready to accept her wishes otherwise doing oral sex the way man likes – may be useless for woman. Then there is no point to practice oral sex at all. The difference between normal sex and oral sex pleasure for women is that if a couple is making love in traditional way – they both feel pleasure, but during cunnilingus – woman is the main object that needs to be satisfied. That is why man has to pay all his attention to satisfy her.
Man could also use a sex toys beside fingers and tongue to give more satisfying feeling to woman. Try it today!

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