December 04, 2009

Vibrating sex toys

Vibrators are devices intended to vibrate against the body and stimulate the nerves for a relaxing and pleasurable feeling. Some vibrators are designed to be inserted in a body cavity for erotic stimulation.

There are an enormous range of vibrators but most of them fall into several broad categories:

  • Clitoral—Often sold as “back massagers”, these are powerful vibrators.
  • Dildo-shaped—Approximately penis shaped, can be made of plastic, silicone, rubber, vinyl, or latex.
  • Waterproof—Can be used wet, such as in the shower. Although marketed as waterproof, most should not be submerged.
  • Rabbit, ‘Jackrabbit’ or ‘Rampant Rabbit’—Two pronged for stimulation of both the vagina and the clitoris.
  • G-spot—Similar to the traditional vibrator but with a curve and often a soft jelly like coating. The curve makes it easier to use to stimulate the g-spot or prostate.
  • Egg—Egg shaped vibrator which can be used for stimulation of the clitoris or insertion into the vagina
  • Pocket rocket—Shaped like a cylinder, one of its ends has some vibrating bulges. It is meant to stimulate the clitoris or nipples, not for vaginal insertion.
  • “Undercover” vibrators—Vibrators discreetly shaped as every-day objects, such as lipstick tubes, cell phones, or art pieces. Occasionally some women use actual mobile phones in this function
  • Anal vibrators—Vibrators designed for anal use have either a flared base or a long handle to grip, to prevent them from slipping inside and becoming lodged in the rectum.
  • ‘Butterfly’—vibrator strapped around legs and waist for hands free clitoral stimulation during sexual intercourse
  • Vibrating Cockring—vibrator (usually cordless) inserted in or attached to a cock ring, usually for stimulation of the clitoris.
  • Dual Area Vibrators these vibrators are designed to stimulate two erogenous zones simultaneously or independently. Usually found in the form of a clitoral stimulator and vaginal stimulator
  • Sleeve Vibrator

Vibrators for disabled people

Disabled people can find that vibrators are an essential part of their sex life for two reasons: First, it might be the only way to get sexual satisfaction due to impaired arm and hand function.Second, for some disabled men, the use of a vibrator is their only way to provide a semen sample to become fathers.

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