December 04, 2009

Do’s and Don’ts during sex

How many of us have been in the middle of wild animalistic sex then said or did something that you would later regret?

All of us have done one thing or another that we wish we didn’t, but no matter what we do there are just some things you should stay away from.

Take note, because we have developed a list of 10 things that you must not do or say if you don’t want to get kicked to the curb.

Make sure you take the time to memorize the list because your sex life depends on it!

1. Scream Out Someone Else’s Name

This is one thing that will always ruin the mood. Sure some of us tend to think of other people while we are in the middle of sex with our partner (this happens more and more if you have been dating a girl for a long time), but verbalizing this name can be disastrous. The situation gets even worse if you scream out your ex-girlfriend’s name.

2. Comment on Her Body

Everyone is particular about their body. Men tend to look at their penis size while women look at, well, everything. Never comment on her body, her extra weight, that loose skin under her biceps, her breasts, or any other part unless it is a positive comment. If asked, it is best to say that you love her for who she is.

3. Keep the Food Away

Women like to keep things clean so don’t bring the beer, pretzels, or pizza to the bedroom unless you are going to use it for sexual foreplay. Not only do the crumbs ruin the mood, but she knows as much as you do that she will be doing the laundry in the morning.

4. Anyone for Some Porn?

Sometimes men like to put the gear from first to fourth by adding some visual effects to the mix. Many “good” girls don’t like watching porn because they find it offensive or degrading. If you are one of these unlucky men who has a partner that doesn’t like porn, don’t be discouraged. All you have to do is keep it hidden, because you can still watch it when she is gone.

5. Have you Thought of a Threesome?

Having the courage to mention the idea of a threesome can get your balls in a mess. There are three reasons why threesomes can get ugly. First of all, you have the jealousy factor. When it comes to threesomes, one woman always gets more attention that the other.

Secondly, you have the intimidation factor. Sexually inexperienced women will find the other woman intimidating and will not know how to act. Finally, you have the awkwardness factor. Many women have not been sexually intimate with another woman, so being in the same bedroom with them will make them feel awkward.

Putting all this together, the thing that will turn a woman off the most is you implying that she is boring in bed, requesting to bring someone else in.

6. Never Mention Anything about her Ability

Some of us tend not to think when we are having sex (see #1) so be fore warned that mentioning anything about her sexual ability is a definite no-no.

Sure some women are better in bed than others, but telling her that she isn’t good at oral sex will just get you less oral sex. Bite your tongue and take the time to teach her what turns you on.

7. Don’t Tell her About your Sexual Past

Here are three things that you shouldn’t do:

- Never tell her how many girls you have slept with. A friend of mine mentioned to his girlfriend how many girls he has slept with. It turns out, he slept close to twenty times the amount of people that she slept with. And yes she was disgusted. And guess what? They are not dating anymore.

- Never tell her where you learned something. If you say that you learned something while you were with Alisha, she will think that whenever you are doing this technique or position, you are thinking of Alisha.

- Never mention the ex-girlfriend.
Just like #1 this too can get you into a bind. Try not to say: “Jane used to do it this way, why don’t you do it this way?? Always stay away from mentioning an ex-girlfriend.

8. Never Scare Her

Despite your need for something out of the ordinary, bringing in handcuffs, ball gags, or mentioning hard core sex activities will only scare her off. Stay away from these hard core activities until she is comfortable with you. By mentioning these activities, she will no doubt wonder if you were into these activities in the past.

9. Don’t Answer the Phone

While you two are having sex she will want to believe that she is the most important thing to you. By answering the phone not only do you come out as inconsiderate, but you will be seen as rude and selfish. She will undoubtedly tell her friends about your selfish ways which will conjure up some dirty looks next time they see you.

10. Never Fall Asleep

If you really want to turn off your partner, falling asleep while she is on top or during oral sex is the way to do it. Not only will this ruin her night of blissful pleasure, she will be most likely withhold sex from you for the next month. Sure it could happen when you are drunk or tired, just try to make sure that it never does

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