December 17, 2009

Sex toys for men

Men! It’s only natural – Men are the sexual species and you’d better live up to your standards! Getting men adult toys because sex toys never say “no”. Get what you need to satisfy yourself

Majority of men have a pocket pussy or masturbation sleeve hidden somewhere in their room, dorm or even truck. A hand job will only satisfy you for so long, of course it gets you cumming, but did you know that you can turn an ordinary hand job into a sexual fantasy?
Some sex toys for men are so great they can even replace a woman :)
Lets Begin from the first timer’s most popular sex toy – the masturbator or masturbation sleeve.
They are similar but the masturbator has more detail with a provocative design, often in the shape of a naked woman or masturbators resemble a real pussy or ass. The masturbation sleeves purpose is to create filling the gap between your hand and your penis as you stroke to give a better feel. Add lubrication with your masturbation sleeve to make it wet, thrust away and you’ll quickly understand why the demand for sex toys for men is so high!! The masturbation sleeve is good for the man on the go, or the guy with roommates because they are easy to hide.

Upgrade to a masturbator. These male sex toys are more fun because they add visual enjoyment. All you feel is a squishy, soft swallowing adult toy that pampers your cock. A hand job without the feeling of your hand. It’s like having sex for real. Your hand can’t even compare to the masturbator.

Want more from your adult sex toys?

Get real with a pocket pussy. The most popular male sex toy. You will be astounded at the realism of some of these pocket pussys. Some even have anuses for those who love anal sex. Get what you need. The pocket pussy experience is so real with some of the more realistic ones. Specially designed for male sexual pleasure, with open ends for easy cleaning.

You get what you pay for and the more realistic vaginas cost more money but they are so real, the skin feels like real skin.

Get satisfaction from an adult sex toy

Consider the vibrating pocket pussy. Simply stick the vibrating bullet into one of the available holes and thrust away. Have you ever felt vibrations on your testicles? How about vibrations on the tip of your penis? The best part about the vibrating masturbators is that for the most part, the vibrating is optional because the bullet is removable. Sometimes you may not want the added sensations. Another reason to buy a vibrating vagina? When your partner is in the mood, give her the vibrating bullet to hold over her clitoris, it will enhance sex and make her moan with pleasure.

Fan of oral sex love the sucking action of a blow job?

We have blow job simulators ranging from the simple yet satisfying to the realistic. Literally get a blow job from a sex superstar. Sucking and swallowing, our blow job masturbators will give you the hummer you need. Great to have around, these blow job masturbators give a different feel then a pocket pussy.

What about the different types of sex dolls?

Bring home a woman just for you. The sex doll is a well known male sex toy for men. Why use a sex doll instead of a pocket pussy? You can bend her, throw her around, it’s all up to you. It is more realistic in the sense that you can vary positions. Penetrate at your will! From the basic and simple that you can practice sex positions on to the realistic sex doll.

Immediate penis enlargement with penis extensions.

Add girth and length with our wide assortment of penis extensions. Featuring latex penis extensions to extend your penis, they are also bumped and textured for more pleasure for your partner. Not only for lengthening your penis, but for stimulating your partner too.

For the men who have a hard time getting and erection or maintaining and erection, buy a strap on penis extension online discreet.

Boost with getting and maintaining an erection?

Want an easy to use and safe method of penis enlargement? Don’t use dangerous pills, try penis enlargement pumps. They use the power of vacuum suction to pump air out of the tube, thus drawing blood into your penis forcing it to become erect. Use a cock ring with your penis pump and you will be able to keep your erection hard and help prevent premature ejaculation. Of course, they come with risks so never use a penis pump until you feel pain or discomfort because it could harm your penis.

We have penis pumps with various vacuum suction methods so you can easily find the erection pump that is right for you.

Keep your penis hard and prevent premature ejaculation.

If you want get to your penis harder once you have become erect, or if you need to help control premature ejaculation, try using a cock ring. We have various styles from the hard metal cock rings to the stretchy rubber cock rings for a more comfortable and easy fit.Every man will have the perfect fit using our cock ring selection.

The wetter the better!

The wetter the better – Get Lubrication. The single and most important addition to good sex, satisfying masturbation and use with sex toys is lubricant. Personal lubrication is so important because it reduces friction and allow you to glide. Use water based lubricant every time you have sex, even more importantly, use lubricant with your sex toys. We have the best sex toy lubricants for you to use with your adult toys. Sex toy lubricants are essential and we have the best personal lubricants here.

For a more slick and slippery feel, and for sex under water, get silicone based lubricant that never ever get sticky.

Knock at the backdoor sometimes!

we also offer a good range of anal toys. Not only for gay men, but perfect couples also. Anal sex toys are not only gay sex toys but great for both women and men. Try anal beads or use a butt plug and feel the incredible benefits it will have to your sex life. Do not be shy about exploring this region, Adding more fun to sex, buy anal sex toys discreet and experience a new way to get intimate with your lover. Not just for sex only, butt plugs and anal sex toys are great to use during masturbation.

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ethan1066 said...

why its just women having all the fun with their sex toys in their bedroom its men turn to explore new things with their mens sex toys...