October 26, 2009

Choosing the right Sex Toy

Are you horny and ready for some action, but you don’t know what sex toys are right for you? Your choice of sex toy depends on what kind of hot screeching monkey sex you want.
How do you go about choosing the sex-toy that is right for you and your lover? Before we get into specifics about which toy or toys might be suitable for you, there are a few questions you should ask yourself and partner.

  • Who will be using the toy?
  • What do you want the toy to do for you?
  • What do you want the toy to look like?
  • What you will get for your money?

Intended Use

Who will be using the toy? Is it for you alone, or do you hope to use it with a partner? Is your partner male or female? Are they familiar with adult toys, or are they comfortable with experimenting?


What do you want the sex toy to do for you?

Vibrators can be a good arousal stimulator, helping you achieve orgasm by yourself or with a partner, or simply to massage aching muscles. Do you enjoy deep, hard pressure and penetration? Maybe a dildo would be a good choice. Maybe you would prefer the sensual touch of external stimulation? Then maybe a vibrator would work best. Perhaps you would like a combination of the two. A good guide is to ask yourself what kind of stimulation you enjoy during sex with a partner.


Since sex toys come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles, the next question you should ask yourself is what you want your toy to look like.
Do you want your vibrator or dildo to look real? They are often formed from a cast, which was taken of a real penis. They are colored to look like a penis, and include all the veins and ridges a real penis would have. They are usually made from silicone or Cyberskin, which are the most realistic looking and feeling materials available.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are vibrators and dildos that look nothing like a real penis. They may have a phallic shape, but can be brightly colored in all kinds of different shades. Instead of ridges and bumps, they have smooth shafts.

Think about what would turn you on the most. Some people prefer the realistic adult toys, and some do not. It’s just a matter of preference.

For Men

There are sex toys available that are specifically designed for men. Men have traditionally been “left out” when it comes to sex toys, but this seems to be changing. Of course, erection pumps have been available for quite some time, but that was about it. Men can now enjoy sleeves (which are designed to enhance masturbation), cock rings (which help control erection by slipping tightly over the penis), ticklers (which slip over the penis to heighten pleasure for the user and their partner), and extenders (which extend the length of the penis). Dual vibrators are also designed to stimulate a man and his partner during intercourse.



Do you have an idea of what you’ll spend, and what you’ll get for your money? Quality can vary greatly, so it is a good idea to know what to expect.

As it is in most industries, some companies focus on manufacturing high volume, lower priced products, and some produce higher quality, longer lasting products.
It is important to know that different materials perform differently. Generally, sex toys are made out of plastic, silicone, jelly or latex, but there are more “exotic” materials out there such as metal, Cyberskin, acrylic, etc. Each material has different characteristics and different cleaning requirements.

Where to buy?

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and here are some tips:

If you want some hot clit action, a vibrator would be perfect for you. There are vibrators that will drive you crazy, and there are vibrators that feel great when they are inside you. One famous vibrator – the Rabbit Pearl – tickles your clit while it rotates in your pussy. If you like to use your hands to play, tweak, and squeeze, a hands-free vibrator is perfect for you. The Butterfly Strap-on is a hands-free vibrator shaped like a tiny butterfly. While the Butterfly buzzes on your clit, driving you to a hot frenzy, you can play with your nipples or go down on your partner.

In addition to clitoral stimulation, many women enjoy G-spot stimulation. G-spot orgasms are said to seriously rock the world. Women who have them say that they are the best, most intense orgasms ever. Some women ejaculate when they have G-spot orgasms. They spew fluid all over the place! If you’ve ever had trouble finding your G-spot, a G-spot vibrator will find that little spot in no time. Every woman should have at least one G-spot vibrator in her sex toys collection.

Do you want some anal action? A butt plug may be perfect for you, whether you are male or female. Some are dildos while others vibrate. Butt plug dildos and vibrators are shorter than traditional dildos and vibrators. They are also flared at the base so that they don’t get lost in the rectum. Lube should be used to ease the butt plug’s entry. Some butt plugs squirt water, which feels great inside. Others can inflate to increase the size. There are also butt plugs that stimulate the prostate gland. Remember that if you are using a butt plug in both the rectum and the vagina that it must be cleaned before switching.

No matter what your sexual urge may be, there is a sex toy out there that will make you very happy. All you need to do is a little research to learn what excites you. Sex toys make sex more fun, especially if you have a playful partner. So, go find yourself a great sex toy, and have some fun!

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