March 24, 2011

Beads, Bullets and Balls

Sex toys have more diversity today than they used to. No longer the days of simple dildos and vibrators, there are more sex toys produced today for specialized uses. The roles these sex toys play in sexual role plays and orgasms are important and these make them perfect for use either for masturbation or during sex acts. Sex toys can be used solely or to complement lovemaking.

Beads, bullets and balls
are sex toys and toy accessories used for vaginal, clitoral and anal stimulation. They work on the simple basis that the application and release of gentle, repeated pressure on excitable genital parts can lead to arousal and attainment of sexual pleasure.

Bullet vibrators are small bullet-shaped vibrators which can be used alone or attached to other sex toys. Therefore, bullet vibrators can provide direct stimulation of the soft tissues of erotic parts or increase the stimulation achieved from another sex toy when inserted into that.

Anal beads
, on the other hand, are small balls or bumps attached to a string or wand. The wands of anal beads are semi-rigid, so that they can be hard enough to penetrate the anus while not too hard as to bruise the soft tissues during entrance and withdrawal. Balls are hollow metal balls designed to be inserted into the vagina. These can be kept there for awhile and can arouse and enhance orgasms by their internal rolling. An example of these is Ben Wa balls.

Balls are either made singly or multiply. These orgasm balls are inserted into the vaginal. Some of the balls can vibrate and some are attached to a string with which they can be pushed in and pulled out. When left in, the vibratory or rhythmic movements of these balls rub on the clitoris and other parts of the female genitalia. This set off arousal which can be moderated and drawn out towards prolong orgasms.

 Anal beads, on the other hand, are used by insertion into the anus. Unlike balls, they are much more likely to be used in sexual games than self masturbation since careful insertion and use requires dexterity from behind. Therefore, a partner will insert the beads into the anus by the wand and gently work the beaded wand in and out of the anus. The points of exit and entry of the beads on the wand can elicit pockets of desirable pleasure. Anal beads can be used for and by both men and women.


Bullet vibrators are a new twist on the old vibrator favorite. They also work by insertion whether solely or attached to a sex toy. By their shapes, they mimic the penis but with more rounded ends, they can be more exploratory. Their small size and head makes it possible to work them around the female inner genitalia to discover erotic points, excite them and moderate orgasms. Since they also vibrate, bullets can provide a very close approximation of penile penetration and thrust.

Generally, bullets, balls and beads are safe to use. They are made of materials that are considered safe for contact with human soft tissues. These include medical grade silicone and plastics.
 The surfaces of these sex toys are made smooth and at the point of shipment, they are aseptic. When properly used, bullets, balls and beads can do no harm. Care must, however, be taken to buy them from reputable sellers.

Bullets, balls and beads are available from local adult stores as well as online stores catering to adult sex toys. Clearly, online adult stores provide better convenience and privacy for shoppers. Other advantages of buying your sex toys from online adult stores include finding better deals, wider product ranges, discovering even new toys and making informed purchases with the help of feedbacks left by actual owners and fellow shoppers.

Adult online stores can be ones dedicated to a niche of sex toys, ones dedicated to a brand’s products or a general adult online store carrying different types of sex toys and from many manufacturers. The one to choose will depend on the immediate need. However, there are certain things to look out for when you arrive at such online stores. Before submitting personal details or your credit card info, check for signs of an assurance of secure transaction and protection of your information. An adult online store with a customer care phone number to call and a physical address to visit is the best one to shop at.
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