January 07, 2011

Adult Toys Online Store

Discrete shopping is important when buying adult toys and adult toys online stores recognize this. Dedicated adult stores online are the best choice when looking to buy your adult toys. They are better than your local adult toy shops because of the convenience, privacy, range of products and lower prices they offer. They are also better than general online stores because they are able to tailor their offerings and services to the specialty adult toy market. For the discerning buyer, they represent the best places to shop.

Every dedicated adult toys online store is different from the others. Where you buy adult toys online should offer more than just the promise of privacy and more than a few selections of adult toys. Granted that some quite good adult toy online stores only offer products from certain brands, there is nothing like have a virtual shelf with as broad a selection as possible.
When looking for where to shop for your adult toys online, you should look out for a few things. The first of such is mentioned above: the range of the selection of their adult toy products and the prices of these too.
 The ideal online adult toy shop should cater for both men and women; not only should sex toys for both gender be on sale but for each sex toy, differently priced, different designed versions must be available from different manufacturers. Dildos come in different shapes and sizes; variety is important: it makes it much likelier that you will find the sex toy appropriate and fitted to your needs.
Availability of sex toys of different brands also will provide price options. You may want to splurge on C-rings but not on vibrators. An adult shop with options makes it easy to do a one-stop shopping.

The shopping experience should also be taken into consideration.

  • Choose adult toys online stores that provide the best privacy. This does not necessarily translate into the ones that ask for the least information.
  • Expect to give your name, credit card details, e-mail address, phone number and shipping/billing address.
  • The best online adult toys stores will provide a guarantee of not selling your information to third parties. Similarly, they will refrain from calling you except after you ask them to.
  • Communication including your receipt, status of order and any customer service thereafter should be provided via e-mail.
  • Make sure that the adult toys online store where you shop provides adequate security for your information and transactions.
  • The indicators for these are the SSL certificates of the website (look out for 256-bit encryption represented by a padlock and commonly verified by VeriSign or similar) and a shield of protection from a reputed antivirus company. These security measures are actually common in online stores and you can crosscheck their availability by looking for them on the web page before submitting your order.


  • Another important part of the shopping experience with adult toys online stores you should consider is the shipping policy. Discrete shipping should be preferred and it relates to shipping your sex toy purchases in packages that are not obvious for such but rather those used for everyday shipping. Simple boxes will do and in most cases, adult toys online stores don’t put the obvious sex toy-related names you see on their websites on the package label.
  • In addition, look out for the stores’ return policies. Often, returning a sex toy is a much more private act for online stores than for your local adult store. It only requires that you package your purchase and send it back to the mailing address after duly informing the store about the return.
Most online adult toy stores will provide full refunds for damaged and misrepresented sex toys but not for any other kind of return. The reason for not refunding all returns is the nature of adult toys. Most adult toy online stores do not refurbish these toys and, should you not like the toys purchased, it is assumed that they are already used and are, therefore, destroyed upon return.
 You should actually prefer this feature not only because it is required by law but also to assure that the toys you buy from such stores have never been used by anyone and are, therefore, healthy and wholesome for your use.

In conclusion, make sure your adult toy purchases are made from trustworthy online stores. Dedicated online adult toy stores are preferable.
When submitting your information, be assured that you are entering into a private contract and that your details are safe. You should provide accurate billing/shipping and email addresses too. That is the only way to guarantee receiving your order and processing a return and refund should the need arise.
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