December 27, 2010

Let it Slide!

It can be observed throughout nature that two entities that are classified as complete opposites of each other can coexist and thrive to meet on a common point, such as pain and pleasure. How differently defined these two terms are and yet can be seen in action during anal sex. Bounties of pleasure lie in this practice and are observed in a variety of different methods.

Anal sex doesn’t necessarily mean penetrating your partner’s anus with your penis, the anal sphincter muscle can be stimulated using less painful and more provocative methods.

Doctors recommend the use of lubricants excessively while engaging in anal sex because the sphincter muscle tends to contract when it pressed from the outside causing pain, the use of lubricants eases this contraction and the use of a finger to open up the anus will eventually cause the muscle to dilate making it less painful for the recipient.

Anal lubricants are a guarantee that everything will go on smoothly that there will be more pleasure than pain, after being lubricated the anus becomes sensitive to the slightest of touch. Rimming the anus, will leave tickles all over the body causing an uncontrollable urge for anal sex.

Moving straight to anal sex without first exercising the sphincter muscle is strongly not recommended, it is advised that you practice with anal beads before penetration; this routine is also known to be an effective form of foreplay as it gives the sensation of contact without your genitals being involved.

As you gain maturity of control on your sphincter with practice, you can move on to the big guns a.k.a butt plugs. Why not the real thing you ask, to prevent certain health risks as it is crucial to gradually develop a level of comfort with you anus before having a penis put into it. A butt plug inserted in the rectum during intercourse will give you a taste of what anal sex can do for you!
After you grow comfortable with butt plugs you may try an anal vibrator compared to their vaginal counter parts they are smaller in size. Their vibrations can give you a demo of what the compression of a real penis inside your rectum may feel like, thus giving you a taste and preparing you for the real thing. Known to bubble up the excitement of anal intercourse, anal vibrators are definitely a must in my books. Because of its availability in so many variations, whether it be color size or shape these anal sex toys can be pleasing for the immature of anal pleasure seekers.

    Here is my advice:

Before having anal try the smaller things and slowly move on to bigger and more alluring toys before you can let the real thing slide.
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