February 08, 2010

Celebrating Valentine’s Day Apart

There are a number of reasons why a couple may find themselves spending Valentine’s Day apart. Couples who are in a long distance relationship, business trips, shifts which prevent couples from being together, sickness and family emergencies are just a few examples of reasons why a couple may find themselves spending Valentine’s Day apart.
While you may certainly understand the reasons why you and your loved ones cannot be together on Valentine’s Day it does not make it any easy to deal with this situation. You may still feel sad and lonely if you find yourself in one of these situations. However, there is home for those who are spending Valentine’s Day apart from their loved ones, there are a few ways for making the day a lot more fun. This article will provide information on ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day apart in a number of different scenarios.

<>First we will consider the case of a couple who is in a long distance relationship. For this couple, they may be used to spending important days such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and other holidays apart so it may not be as difficult for them to deal with. However, there are ways this couple can still celebrate Valentine’s Day together. One way to do this is to both rent the same movie and watch it while on the phone together. This may run up your phone bill but if you have unlimited evening minutes you and your partner can chat away on your cell phones while you watch the movie together. You might even consider both ordering the same type of food such as pizza or Chinese food so you will feel even more together for a little while.
Sleeping in bed while talking together and start sex chatting is the perfect way to finish that romantic day with even a better memory, all you need to do is to imagine you’re together and going to have the night of your life. Flirting, licking, kissing and even touching through phone turn you both on and when you are on the road you can easily keep on fucking and sucking until you both reach orgasm. One may need a sex toy. A dildo, a masturbation toy or even an anal ball would be a great help in these situations to make your imagination come in reality while you’re still on the phone dirty talking to each other.
Start jerking off while licking the phone so she could do some penetration job using one big vibrator or simply using her fingers. You can even try different position in your imagination, and good point there is nothing to stop you when you are really hot and turned on! Use some lube to give yourself a rest and nice movement just as the real one, when bing when you are about to cum, wait for her to get prepared for your cum shot everywhere. You should also wait until she really feels the same orgasm so you both have really enjoyed the night apart!
The very first moment you feel really pleased from dirty talking, you would know that you are both on the same page and tonight is never going to be forgotten in your whole lifetime!

Next we will consider a couple who finds themselves spending Valentine’s Day apart do to an unexpected business trip. This can be particularly difficult because the couple is not used to being apart on important days and likely did not have a great deal of time to prepare for spending the holiday apart. In this situation the couple should discuss Valentine’s Day as soon as they realize they are going to be spending the holiday apart. While discussing it they can decide whether they want to celebrate before they separate or after they are reunited. It is also important for the couple to try to at least have some contact on Valentine’s Day even if it is over the phone or through email. This will allow the couple to feel like they are together in some way so they don’t get too lonely. Having flowers delivered to your loved one while you are separated is also a very thoughtful gesture. Want to impress her/him, just send a sex toy and they will know you are a considerate one. Be ready and ask your partner to be ready as well practicing with the sex toy and you will both be surprised how much fun this sex toy can come to your sexual relationship. When you’re back from your trip, could be your Valentine’s Day and you have already given the very special gift to your loved one.

Finally, we will consider the case of a couple who cannot spend Valentine’s Day together because one or both of them does work which involves odd shifts. This could include doctors, firefighters, police officers or a variety of other professions. Individuals in this type of situation are probably used to their odd schedule and making time to be together outside of working hours. In this case the best way to deal with being apart on Valentine’s Day is to plan on celebrating together when it is more convenient. This may not seem like the most romantic option but sometimes it is important to remember that you love your partner every day of the year and you don’t have to be together on Valentine’s Day to prove your love for each other.

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